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The Live Broadcast of EGOOD Movable Partition Companys Loading ------A Russia Order

Updated:2015-05-04 20:58:06



Today is 16th April, in the Early morning, a 20 feet MAERSK container has already parked in the Egood movable partition company's loading area before we start working , cause we always strictly require of the delivery time to maintain consumers' benefit . As the saying goes ,Morning hours is the best time of the day to work, at 8:00 am , all the stuff started one days work , each was doing his part and working together , cooperated very well ,put the finished package partition into container , and stacked it in order .



The “broadcast live” of loading area


On this sunshine morning , we all full of passion , even the burning sun can not resist our enthusiasm .  They put the partition into container very quickly , the whole process lasted no more than 15 minutes ,  It owes to we always pursue high-efficiency. 


On the bottom of this picture was our Egood movable partition warehouse staff checking the  track and all necessary accessories. Our strict requirement and serious attitude all in order to  accurately send the goods to clients. 















Today is 16th April, in the Early morning, a 20 feet MAERSK container has already parked in the Egood movable partition company’s loading area before we start working , cause we always strictly require of the delivery time to maintain consumers’ benefit . As the saying goes ,Morning hours is the best time of the day to workat 8:00 am , all the stuff started one days work , each was doing his part and working together , cooperated very well ,put the finished package partition into container , and stacked it in order . 


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