Maldives Male hotel slding folding partition

Updated:2014-02-18 18:15:36

the  Egood slding folding partition has been complete installed first time  to this beautiful  friendly country with idyllic scenery and a rich culture, Maldives!

Maldives ,male,Egood,sliding partitition,sliding folding partition


The hotel located in the Male city centre ,the client choosed Egood type65 slding partition to devide its meeting room,the panel finishes with white vinyl surface withpowder coated white alumimum trim and profiles.the side stacking both of the room make it the easy operate and nice outer appearance.


Maldives ,male,Egood,sliding partitition,sliding folding partition


White vinyle finishes with powder coating all aluminum trim and profile in white color



H styel side staking storing sliding folding partition