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A tour in Dafushan Forest park

Updated:2015-09-02 13:18:31

Dafu Mountain Forest Park is located a few kilometers towards the west of the Panyu District Bridge in Guangzhou City?spanning across a massive area of 600 hectares. It is an extremely popular tourist attraction in the area and is flocked by tourists throughout the year, wishing to experience the fantastic natural scenery of the area. So Egood stuff organized the one-day tour in Dafushan Forest park for the relaxation at weekend.



Because the park is very large,its impossible for you just leisurely walking in the route,you need a bike help you climbing up and down the hills.There are dozens of shops renting bicycles outside the scenic area and you can rent one for a whole day. There are only slight slopes, so it doesn't take much effort for bicycling.


Dafu Mountain Forest Park is paradise to nature enthusiasts and offers picture-perfect scenery of several lakes, colorful flowering plants as well as an abundance of fauna.



It is a large, fully developed and very well maintained park. In the middle rest a large lake,you can rent an electric boat to trip around in the lake.And there are thousands of stairs to be climbed up and down hills throughout the park, with many hidden rest spots.



The Dafushan forest park is commonly referred to as the "oxygen bar of Panyu District" by locals for its refreshingly cool climate, good for your health.Is your good choice for relaxation and touring.








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