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Following report:Zhongshan Weimin hotel movable partition wall project (II)

Updated:2015-08-21 11:12:51

After the panel successful reached in site,there has another problem:The banquet hall is on the 9th floor.How to convey them from the first floor to the 9th floor ? Following an on-site inspection and investigation,Our engineer finally decided used the construction crane to hoist through the lobby.






We use a crane of 100 ton capacity.The panel was properly roped up by wire rope in the lobby. It must have another two assistant wire rope fastened in each end of the panel to keep it balance and horizontal moving,avoid any collision with glass railing.




The convey progress is very dangerous,so the safety precautions must be sufficient, be sure to cover all contingencies.









                                               The panel rising slowly with the help of crane




In the outside of the 9th floor,it needs five men assist to move the panel in the ground then untying the rope.It took an average of 20 minutes to send one panel from 1st to 9th floor.The degree of difficulty can be well imagined brightly.The total estimated complete time of hanging is in 2 days.







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