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Warm congratulations of the successful completion of Zhongshan Weimin hotel

Updated:2015-09-14 14:36:48

In Zhongshan Weimin hotel project,it has one 6.5 meter high movable partition in banquet hall and two 8 meter high movable partitions in larger banquet hall, totally three sets and over 600 square meters. Its typical and success project of Egood company,client feel very satisfied with our quality and even the 8 meter high partition, is very easy operation and stable.

Banquet hall operable partition


banquet hall operable wall



 Movable partition wall system


The small banquet hall use the textile wall paper(wall covering)wrapped MDF panel finishes,then cover in the MDF base board, total thickness 120mm.So it lets the panel very heavy, but we use ultrahigh steel track system to support whole partition system and keep it very stable and safety to use.


 Hotel banquet hall movable wall


Ultrahigh steel structure system


Operable partition wall, banquet hall



Operable partition wall

 The large banquet hall movable partition(two parallel partition,30 meter width).In picture its a unfinishing base board.Our engineer still decorating on it.


Egood operable wall partition


The brilliant banquet hall movable partition with high acoustic won the trust and praises of client. Now they decided add one set in another banquet hall and the cooperation with Egood will continue.






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