Congratulations:Dominica movable partition wall project successful delivery

Updated:2015-10-05 00:33:18

Good news?Dominica movable wall project successful completed and timely delivery  in factory today.









Dominica operable Partition wall used 5.5 meter high with single suspension with ultrahigh aluminum track system.Because the client’s high acoustic requirement,so we recommended leather wrapped acoustic panel finishes,it can strengthen sound absorption.Divided into four parts and no any aluminum joint connected to keep it aesthetic.This kind of finishes widely used in hotel or some banquet halls.




Ultrahigh aluminum track system maximum height can reach to 12.5meter with panel weight up to 900KG.Each carrier has four steel wheels with precision ground radial bearings.Carriers can be programmed for self-directing and sorting.Used this type can assure the safety and flexibly operation of panel.