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The America luxury theater acoustic panel wall decoration project

Updated:2015-10-24 03:56:37

Egood provides panel finishes such as melamine, fabric,leather ,wood veneer,high-pressure laminate or other custom surfaces, panels also be supplied unfinished (raw MDF or plywood board) for field decoration to compliment the building environment.


 Leather wrapped acoustic panel


In this America Las Vegas theater Partition wall project, they had a special finishes requirement: they want the partition panel consists of few kinds of finishes, Fabric wrapped MDF panel, fabric wrapped acoustic panel,leather wrapped MDF panel, leather wrapped acoustic panel, Mixed with different color different materials in each panel.


 Leather and fabric wrapped acoustic panel


 acoustic panel wall decoration board


The client was very satisfied with our finishes board after she saw the pictures, so she placed an extra order for around 200 square meter acoustic panel for her wall decoration. The picture is the extra acoustic wall decoration board, can be fixed in the wall by latex or nail-free glue


 Movable partition wall with fabric finishes


Egood specializes in movable partition wall, but we always provide various of panel finishes.So the wall decoration acoustic panel also falls within the scope of our business. Same STC performance and the price is more reasonable than others, any requirement please feel free to contact us.













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