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Dunhuang Landmark international hotel conference room soundproof partition wall project

Updated:2015-11-03 01:40:20

The Dunhuang Landmark International Hotel,a luxury 5-star hotel located in the heart of Dunhuang new Central Business District of finance, trading, shopping, technology and culture. It is a multi-functional intellectual and commercial hotel of accommodation, conference, business, food and etc.Will be officially opened on the end of 2015.  

Dunhuang landmark international hotel


Egood signed the contract on July 15th,2015 for supplying its soundproof Partition wall project. After whole month’s overtime working, recently we finally completed our movable partition wall project installation along with the fabric acoustic panel finishes decoration in conference room.


conference room soundproof movable partition


This conference room operable wall has reached to 8 meter’s high, The Egood 100 Series with ultrahigh steel track system in this project. This finishes was Fabric wrapped acoustic panel with the STC 52.It also has another two sets used in functional room, banquet hall,total quantity was around 800 square meters.


Dunhuang landmark international hotel conference room


The hotel are also preparing for holding the “1st Silk Road(Dunhuang) International Culture Expo” meeting on August 2016,so the conference room decoration need to be completed in advance.


.soundproof movable partition wall


Movable partition wall in conference room










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