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Boutique Hotel Baguio Philippines Varifold wall partition door project

Updated:2016-09-12 19:39:43

Boutique Hotel is the newest luxury accommodation in Baguio,Philippines. Open to serve the sophisticated traveler. With several well-appointed rooms, two wood-burning fireplaces, restaurant, bar and function room.... Boutique exudes quiet comfort and understated chic. Rooms and common areas.



In this hotel,Egood varifold wall partition was used in Function room and Conference room.Client chose fabric acoustic panel as finishes to strengthen sound transimission effect.




In conference room, the partition height is 5.5m, because there have no extra area for parking,so we recommend ultrahigh aluminum track centre stacking, varifold wall was parked in both side,maximize saved space.



Another challenge was irregular ceiling in conference hall.  The drop ceiling would hit panel if we did not consider ceiling exact size, we adjusted thread rod as 300-500mm to lower down partition height, whole Partition wall looks good.



The panel production in factory



Acoustic varifold partition door in  function room.Same finishes with height 2400mm. Whole piece of fabric acoustic panel design. 






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