Green Tree Inns Hotel operable walls partition project

Updated:2016-12-22 18:15:20

GreenTree Inns Hotel Management Group is a hotel company headquartered in Shanghai, China. GreenTree Inns was founded in 2004. The company is 7th largest hotel franchise company worldwide and owns five high quality [citation needed] brands. GreenTree Inns also has U.S. affiliate, GreenTree Hospitality Group, Inc. which operates and administers the GreenTree Inn franchise in the United States. 




As of January 28, 2016, GreenTree Inns owned, managed and franchised over 2,500 properties. The project here we are talking is located in Guangdong Province. In second floor dinning Room, there have two sets of operable wall partition with different color Melamine laminate finishes to divide the hall. Laminate color finishes is deeply loved by clients cause short delivery leadtime and reasonable price, also aesthetic.  Following are the pictures of two sets of movable wall in Green Tree Inns.