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Egood Partition Company staffs' trip to Thai on Fabruary

Updated:2017-02-13 19:57:53

The foreign trade department from Foshan Egood Partition Products Co.,Ltd spent week-long tourism in Thailand. The days of tour was giving as reward for great efforts we took in the past year from company leader.



The first stage of our tour is Bankok,the capital of Thailand.There are many vehicles in the street,among which the most interesting one is called “Tutu”. Tourists from other countries like to experience such a funny motor. People can readily recognize it from other vehicles by its loud noise and high speed.



The Grand Palace is the most famous structure in all of Thailand with its spectacular roof lines, extensive murals, and extravagant ornamentation. We absolutely didn’t want to miss this perfectly splendid building,so we took”Tutu” to get there for a amazing visiting.




Thailand is famous for its cuisine ,Thai Seafood and fruits. Alright we couldn’t wait to give a try.





The second stage is Pattaya. The Pattaya Bay Area is one of Asia's largest beach resorts and the most visited city in Thailand after Bangkok. Before we came here,we had worked out a total plan on going to bars,beach and shemale show.Yes,the shemale show.







Time goes fast on such a fantastic vacation,we enjoyed the sun ,the blue sky,moreover the warmth that Thai gave us. Thai deserves our second visiting and it should be in the near future.




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