Making A Decision In "Soundproof" Movable Partition Wall

Updated:2017-07-12 00:11:27

Acoustical control is a critical factor in virtually every type of environment,therefore selection of the appropriate operable partition is critical. The right Partition wall system, inconjunction with complementing architectural elements,can help produce excellent acoustical control.

Are all the movable partition walls sound proof?
In truth, very little is sound "proof." You would have to go to a recording a lab setting to experience total sound proofing. However, excellent sound control can be achieved with the right panel system.

For Egood operable partition wall system, we always used high density 55kg/CBM glasswool instead of 24kg/CBM, and put steel plate and more acoustic materials infill for sound insulation. Egood is the only movable partition manufacturer in Guangdong Province who attended the ASTM test in Hongkong and got acoustic test report.For Type 100, the highest STC we can reach is 53 db.

Taking into consideration the entire room environment is the most important first step in the process. You can be sure that Egood will take into consideration the entire room environment to make sure that you get the sound control you expect.

Sound Advice
1. Acoustical control is critical in most facilities and it’s a sound investment worth making.
2. Flanking paths can significantly diminish the sound-reducing properties of an installed operable wall, but they can be avoided with proper building design and barrier installation.
3. Ceilings, floors, and furnishings are important to acoustic control. Remember, the sound-reducing properties specified for the operable partition must be matched by the surrounding ceiling, walls, and floor—the acoustical envelope.

What degree of acoustical control will you need?
What does it take to attain it?
Which wall system is better for your needs?
What architectural elements of the project should be considered?
Egood developed this guide to answer these and many other questions. If you need more information, call us at 0086-18676591075 or email

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