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Where the folding partition is suitable for installation?

Updated:2019-06-26 09:49:30

Folding partition means a movable Partition wall, this kind of wall can move and combine freely, we can partition the space according to our own needs, movable partition is widely used in our daily life, so where does moable partition wall fit in? Follow me to see the movable partition wall fit in which place.

folding partition, movable partition wall


The sitting room occupies household space area is big, It's easy to waste space, below this kind of circumstance, We can install folding partition wall in the living room, increase the practicality of the living room space, if you want to fix partition wall of course, you can be fixed.


The bedroom space of small family is not big?you will know the advantages of movable partition walls, make use of the feature that movable partition wall can move freely, the space will be separated into another activity area, it looks great.

 movable partition wall, movable partition


If you live in a one-bedroom house, it use folding partition door can play a greater role, some people like open Spaces, it can use movable partition wall to partition a space to make a bedroom, The rest of the space is arranged, you can according to personal needs and preferences to design, this can not only protect personal privacy, but also increase the level of space.



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