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Egood Partition teaches you how to select operable partition

Updated:2019-07-10 10:33:27

Foshan is a prefecture-level city in center Guangdong province southern China and ranked as the largest manufacturing base in the pearl river delta. The production facility of Egood is strategically located in there because of the availability of vast resources Egood has continued to thrive because of its excellent products quality and after sales. To date ,its business coverage has reached not only every area in China but also extended to over 50 countries .Egood acoustic operable partitions are used to divide meeting rooms, conference rooms, restaurant and banquet halls etc.,it provides convenient and effective space management solutions, the panels move on a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guides or rails, its has been extensively applied to hotel industry.

Egood, operable partition

After years of continous engineering research and testing activities of acoustic system,Egood delivers world-class noise control,Stiffness,reliability,durability,style and aesthetic accessories through her diversified acoustic product protfolio,Egood strictly regulates the procurement of materials and production processes,with precision engineering and quality control systems to ensure that all manufactured products is excellent with no defect.Egood With architects, designers, developers, contractors and owners in the design, product selection, decoration decoration are very attention to detail.

Egood, operable partition, design, product



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