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High innovation and high quality soundproof movable partition for hotel

Updated:2019-07-13 09:04:24

With the efficient use of modern space and the way people fast rhythm of life, more and more of the interior design industry began to use movable partition screen products.

movable partition ?screen products?office

Said to the hotel movable partition, the average person can think of is to use a fixed wall decoration, but can't change the size of the control space, space is large, you will need to move partition screen to solve this problem.

movable partition ?banquet hall?hotel?screen products

Move partition screen can achieve to the comprehensive, more flexible use of the space, also can repeat folding, repeated use of the space, also have played an important role in energy conservation and environmental protection, bring great convenience to people's life space.

movable partition ?screen products

You know, like hotel,banquet hall, occupy more space is also has limitations, hotel,banquet hall carried by the large space is to satisfy the customer's dining function and comfortable environment, due to considering the different customer the different demand for space environment, thus make the diversification of the partition screen design layout, also attract attention, in a sense, it is indeed a great innovation!

movable partition ?classl?screen products

To hotel configuration movable partition, feeling giving a person sudden passion and vitality, a new feeling to the person, the use effect of whole space will make you great view also moments of tall, no matter how much space can be divided into multiple independent small space at any time, repeat folding can be used, concise and easy, also fully shows the interior space of the space art, not only in the hotel,banquet hall can you see the movable partition, it can also be applied to large-scale high-end conference rooms, exhibition halls, classrooms, gymnasium and other professional venues.                


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