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Egood partitionlife for you

Updated:2019-07-16 08:12:35

Egood partition?and always adhere to the "diverse styles, technology skills, integrity and cooperation" for the purpose, each activity cut off the product design and production have to go through rigorous processes, from R & D to installation are meticulous, have to pass a rigorous testing Process to deliver the product to the customer's hands.

Egood partition,movable partition


Each project strictly abide by the following steps:

?field trips: each undertaking a project, we will send the most professional technical team come to customer engineering solutions!

?tailor-made: We will be based on the actual needs of customers tailor-made products to ensure the integration and the environment cut off!

?quality inspection: Each one will be cut off a single product after 6 to Gou carved quality inspection steps, never allow a defective products into the market!

?Process Audit: Each process work, there will be the relevant person in charge sign the audit to ensure that foolproof!

?24-hour service: We implement 24-hour caring service home, missed any one service call!

Egood partition,movable partition




We look to having win-win cooperation with you soon.

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