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How should the hotel banquet hall be designed for partitions?

Updated:2019-07-17 08:36:56

The layout of the hotel banquet hall mainly includes: banquet hall, VIP room, cloakroom, audio-visual control room, public dressing room, etc. Hotel space is usually large, in addition to the fixed load-bearing wall for large space partition, the hotel also needs to carry out the small space of the movable partition design, then what kind of movable partition design should be carried out in different spaces? Let's take a look at how the hotel banquet hall is designed for partitioning.

banquet hall?movable partition?partition wall?sliding partition


1. The operable partition design of the main part of the banquet hall:

The main part of the banquet hall is designed for the design of the whole hall. The main space for the banquet, wedding, and event display is to conform to the main atmosphere in the design of the operable partition. The material of the hotel Partition wall needs to be firm and firm, moisture-proof and moisture-proof. It also has a certain sound insulation effect, and the soft bag decoration also needs to echo the theme of the banquet hall.

banquet hall?movable partition?partition wall?sliding partition


2.Banquet hall VIP room partition wall design:

The VIP lounge of the banquet hall, usually if it is an important person invited by the annual meeting of the company, will arrange a rest in the VIP room. If the banquet hall lacks the active partition design of this function hall, it is easy for important VIPs to rest and easily affect the customer experience. And the VIP room needs to be decorated with a better movable partition material. If it is poor, it directly affects the image of the hotel, so the banquet hall needs to cut off a vip lounge.

banquet hall?movable partition?partition wall?sliding partition


3. The banquet hall audio and video control room movable partition design:

The sliding partition design of the audio-visual control room can use the hanging partition to decorate the whole environment and also create a certain atmosphere. The semi-interrupted design is a good choice.

banquet hall?movable partition?partition wall?sliding partition


4.The banquet hall public dressing room sliding partition design:

For the partition of the dressing room, one can be used in multiple banquet halls. It is an ideal solution for the movable partition of the dressing room at a suitable distance between several banquet halls. The distance can not be too far, and the movable partition panel can be used as a plain board.


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