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About cleaning and maintenance of movable partition

Updated:2019-07-23 09:44:54

In modern society, the characteristics of movable partitions


 are well-known and popular among many people because of their exquisite appearance and reasonable division of space. The following EGOOD introduces the common sense of cleaning and maintenance of the movable partition.


movable partition,clean, collapsible partition wall, operable wall


1. After the operable screen partition is fixed, it should not be dragged at will, and it should be disassembled and installed by yourself. Professionals should be installed.


2. It is not advisable to let the sun shine directly, so as to avoid fading of the painting, premature aging, and the rubber layer falling off.


movable partition,clean, collapsible partition wall, operable wall


3. Glass panel: operable partition is easy to leave cloth dust when wiping. It can be cleaned with a soft cloth and wiped with old paper. It can be kept bright as new, or wipe with a soft cloth and stained with oil. Avoid leaving cloth dust.


4. Cloth panel: The most common problem with moving partition is that the screen panel is dirty. A small part of the stain can be sprayed with foam cleaner for about 10 seconds, then wipe with a clean soft cloth. Do not wipe with oil stain, it will cause fading. And leave traces.


movable partition,clean, collapsible partition wall, operable wall


5. In the case of stubborn stains, you can spray a small amount of Bi Lizhu on the veneer, and then wipe it with a flannel to make it shine. Aluminum alloy material once a week with a clean towel dipped in water, wring out,repeated several times for light wiping; If grease, it can be wiped clean with a dry cloth, or with a stain cleaning agent, not scrub with water. If there is stain on the aluminum, in order to maintain its luster, wipe it with a clean dry cloth.





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