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Egood frameless glass partition

Updated:2019-08-30 15:25:36

Egood frameless movable glass consists of glass panels mechanically fastened to horizontal top and bottom rails.The glass has polished edges and no vertical trim-although vertical trim is an avai0lable option.Panels can be ordered as single or paired panrls.Single(or omnidirectional) panels can be used in alternate locations or stacked in a remote location.Pivot opening door allows access between rooms.The standard horizontal rails are of clear anoidzied aluminum color but can be custom finished.


frameless glass partition, movable glass, glass panels

The glass panels move on a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guides or rails.


frameless glass partition, movable glass, glass panels


Note:there will be a gap of 6-12mm between the glass panels when they are in place to prevent glass-to-glass contact.The gap varies due to glass industry tolerances.





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