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Movable Partition Wall installation steps/methods

Updated:2019-08-19 17:04:57

1. Observe the construction environment

First, investigate the construction environment until now. The main purpose is to determine whether the site has installation conditions, record the position of the beam and column on the roof, the location of the air conditioning piping system, etc. to customize the final construction plan. The most suitable time for construction is that the site has not been renovated before.


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2. Measurement, positioning

According to the construction drawing, the position control line for the active partition is released on the indoor floor. The installation height of the track must be discussed with the construction team that installed the ceiling, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble.


3. Steel structure and track installation preparation

The steel structure is the load-bearing structure that connects the roof and the track and involves the safety of the entire movable partition system, so it must not be taken lightly. According to the construction drawing, pull the screw on the top of the building, and then fix the angle iron. Select the track type as required by the design. Consider installing the movable Partition wall before installing the rail. Calculate the weight of the moving partition, determine the load and fixing method of the rail. The installation of the track should be firm, the rail and the main structure should be fixed firmly, and all metal parts should be rust-proof.


movable partition wall,partition wall,movable partition


4. Installation track

(1) Suspended track: The hanging guide is fixed by installing a pulley on the top of the screen and connecting it to the upper suspended track. Tracks and pulleys should be selected according to the weight of the load. Light-weight movable partition wall, the rail is fixed on the top wooden frame or steel frame with wood screws or counter-screws. Heavy-duty movable partition wall, the rail is fixed on the steel frame by twisting screws or welding.

(2) When installing the track, according to the specific conditions of the track, install the pulley or track reserved opening in advance (usually 1/2 partition fan near the wall)


5. Install the activity screen

According to the installation method, the pulleys are accurately drawn on each panel, and then the fixing bracket of the pulley is screwed on the upper or lower jaw of the partition. Then, the panel is loaded into the track one by one, and the panels are adjusted to be perpendicular to the ground, and the push-pull rotation is flexible.


movable partition wall,partition wall,movable partition


6. Finishing

Finished according to design requirements. Soft packs, MDF, decorative panels (melamine sheets), glass, etc. are generally used. After the finish is done, take the edge.


7. Commissioning

After the movable panel is installed, it is necessary to carry out detailed debugging of the panel height and sealing, and after cleaning, the site is cleaned and the installation work is completed.






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