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Hotel Operable Wall compare with Tradition Wall

Updated:2019-10-21 16:55:28

In the hotel, the hotel operable wall is more and more popular compared to the traditional wall. What advantages does the hotel operable wall have compared to the traditional wall?


Modern office's combination of environmental protection, lighting, sound insulation, flexible design, repeated dismounting and other comprehensive requirements,it is also an inevitable trend of industrial decoration. The main body and auxiliary components are processed at the factory, assembled on site, and impacted the traditional decoration mode.


1.Environmental protection

The partition of the hotel will adopt wood and special material structure. Compared with the traditional wall, the installation is simple and the cost is low, which is more environmentally friendly than the traditional wall. The wooden structure is relatively simple and elegant, with its own characteristics.


The presence of the wall in the hotel blocks the light, and if there is a problem with the lighting, the lighting is cut off and the guest experience will drop dramatically. The hotel partition can be designed with hollow, engraving and so on, which is a good solution to the problem of lighting.


The Partition wall may not have the sound insulation effect of the traditional wall, but technically it can be realized by various methods such as surface, filling and the like. After the construction of the hotel is completed, more optimization of the sound insulation is needed. At this time, the advantage of the hotel operable wall is reflected. Hotel partitions provide more convenient sound insulation than traditional walls when necessary.

4.Flexible design

The characteristics of the partition are destined for his flexible design. In order to improve the grade, the hotel partition is more diverse and more representative of the quality of the hotel. Hotel operable wall is an indispensable element of hotel design and decoration. The flexible and convenient design is more relevant to the hotel's requirements for cost and decoration effect.


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