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What are the practical uses of mobile partition?

Updated:2019-09-10 14:45:59

What are the advantages of movable partition?


1. The movable partition wall can be partially disassembled and reused many times. Some materials in the compartment system will not bring waste to the environment. It is a green building material with long service life. In the long run, the material ratio of the high compartment system is installed. Installing other forms of partitioning materials is cheaper and more cost effective.

2. During the use of the sliding Partition wall, the position of the door, window, physical module and glass partition can be changed at any time, and can be re-assembled and reused. After the material is disassembled, the damage is minimal, and the office can be greatly relocated. cost of.


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3. The internal structure of the sliding partition wall can conveniently carry out cable laying. It is not necessary to wall-buried, cable maintenance and replacement are more convenient, strong and weak electrical separation, cable trough can shield the signal line.

4. The partition wall of the operable partition is fireproof and fireproof. The partition system is composed of metal structure.


5. The inside of the operable partition wall door frame is pre-installed with sealing strips, and the sound insulation effect and sealing performance are improved. The door bottom sealing strip can be added to make the sound insulation system complete.

6.The movable partition wall of a variety of colors for you to choose, each material has a variety of colors, different color components can be used together. Any decorative material of any color and texture that can be specified or provided by you.




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