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Egood Partition --Hotel operable wall design can not be sloppy

Updated:2019-10-08 17:04:07

The hotel operable wall is to give users a high experience and beautiful visual effects, so the hotel operable wall design can not be sloppy. It is generally used in the lobby, banquet halls and conference rooms. It can be divided into two types: manual operable wall and electric operable wall. The operable wall can be divided into high compartment, low compartment, operable wall and glass operable wall, while electric operable wall is divided into light type, medium type and heavy type. So how do you design a good hotel operable wall?


Egood Partition


Hotel operable wall design:

1. First of all, we must determine the type of operable wall, and the performance and price of different types are very different. Choosing the right between the manual operable wall and electric operable wall, the manual operable wall is a traditional hotel using, and the electric operable wall is a new type of intelligent hotel operable wall, which is relatively new and eye-catching. In terms of performance, sound insulation, fire prevention, stability, and safety, the electric operable wall will naturally be better than the manual operable wall. However, the price of the electric operable wall will be higher than manual, so it is necessary to choose which one to install.


2. Determine the style, choose the operable wall material, the hotel is a high-end service place, good operable wall finish can directly affect the hotel's grade, so the selection of materials can not be too cheap, visual effects are better. In the color design of the picture, it should be coordinated according to the design style of the surrounding environment. For example, the Chinese classical style has a choice of classic styles, and the European style has more stylish glass operable wall and metal operable wall. With the emergence of a large number of new materials, we should highlight the distinctive personality and geographical characteristics of the hotel.


The quality of the hotel's operable wall design will affect the image and taste of the hotel, so be careful and careful in design, choose the right operable wall. The hotel is cut off from the design and Egood Partition will help you.




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