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Egood Partition --Leading the field in sound insulation

Updated:2019-10-22 17:50:34

As well as having the function of visually subdividing areas, movable Partition walls also have the role in many applications of filtering acoustic signals in order to prevent noise disturbing the users of the other rooms. Room partitioning with reliable acoustic insulation properties is a must, particularly when events run concurrently.


The outstanding craftsmanship of the Egood Partition system ensures unsurpassed sound insulation without compromising ease of use.


Egood Partition


The sound insulation values of Egood Partition are constantly being tested and confirmed by internationally recognised testing authorities; both a challenge and an incentive to achieve even better results through new developments. As freely oscillating elements, the clip-on fascia boards block the transmission of structure-borne noise, thus ensuring extremely high sound insulation values. The fascias can be replaced at any time should this be required due to damage or to match new decor. Special acoustic panels manufactured with slits or holes encourage sound absorption and reduce reverberation. These advantages, coupled with the high quality standards and the optical effect of Egood Partition, greatly enhance user comfort and offer incomparable benefits for areas used for musical events and larger conferences.


In order to ensure maximum levels of sound insulation in respect of a project, we recommend contacting Egood Partition during the planning phase so that any acoustic issues such as noise paths or the use of a step noise reducing joint in the flooring can be discussed.





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