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Egood movable partition screen functional introduction

Updated:2020-01-02 17:54:42

Each industry has its own industry standards, especially those related to safety products, and for the Partition wall industry, they will have their own product standards, such as the product of the barrier performance. The following is Egood movable partition introduction.


Movable paritition,egood partition, movable partition screen


High quality. The use of environmentally friendly materials, formaldehyde emission in line with national standards {1.5mg / L}, The material has strong, durable ,abrasion resistance, fire protection, anti-deformation, anti-flammability, anti-aging, fastness, etc.anti-aging.


High noise. Fully meet the five-star hotel noise standards, the highest sound insulation up to 55db ,more than 30% stronger than ordinary indoor wall insulation.


Wide range of applications. movable partition screen used in the star hotel Banquet Hall, Conference Room, Exhibition Hall, Office, Multi-Function Hall and other large space need to be divided into places.


Movable paritition,egood partition, movable partition screen


Can be customized on demand. Customized according to the different needs of customers, such as cut off the model, surface decoration and collection methods such as design, to meet the different site decoration style.



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