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The color painting customization of Egood Partition,the needs of the development of customization era

Updated:2020-01-07 17:00:00

The wall surface has always been the focus of our decoration. Previously, the wall surface was basically latex paint, color-graded latex paint, wallpaper, wall cloth, wall tiles. There is diatom mud now, but these are all painting on the wall, so what if we want to paint on the movable door? Generally, the door panel can be made into a painting, that is, the picture is directly printed on the board, and then the board is made into a door panel. Several door panels can be combined to form a whole picture, or a single door panel can be used to form a picture. Leather is printed into the effect of the picture and the effect of the door panel, so that it can be made into a painted movable partition wall.



There are many patterns to choose from for the painted Partition wall. Basically, high-resolution pictures on the website can be printed. It is very convenient, and the colors are very beautiful and clear. At present, the decoration style of the partition wall is mainly divided into new Chinese style, European style, and modern style. The new Chinese style is basically dominated by flowers, birds and landscapes, and the European style is basically dominated by religious strokes and oil paintings. Modern styles can have more styles to choose from. The movable painted wall can be used as a partition wall or a door. With the development of the times, we have gradually adapted to custom-made life. Basically, the decoration room is now taken over. After changing the water and electricity, the ceiling is waiting for the wooden floor, wall panels, overall wardrobe, sliding door, wooden door. The movable partition wall is basically a customized product.


Now there is a painted partition wall, and even decorative paintings are saved. The custom era is unstoppable. This is the trend of the times. With the development of the age, the partition wall is bound to produce more new high-tech products.



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