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Design of EGOOD Hotel Event Partition

Updated:2020-01-11 17:00:00

There are many factors to pay attention to in hotel design. Every link is important from the selection of materials. Activity partition is a part of hotel design and should be paid attention to. What the hotel needs is a movable partition with good thermal insulation and energy saving performance, which can turn a large space into a small space. Because hotel activity partitions are made of high-efficiency fireproof materials, it can reduce the power consumption of air conditioners, and also have high fireproof performance. We can also decorate hotel activity partitions in various styles to attract people's attention. Can be used with fresh and elegant finishes or leather and other decorative materials. The color can be selected in accordance with the overall style. It improves the color sense of the interior space and also plays a role in the decoration of the hotel.



Hotel activity partition can reasonably organize space and plan space. Unique hotel activity partition can also bring elegant environment and leave a better impression on guests.


EGOOD partition is a company specializing in Partition wall design, production, installation and sales services. The company pursues the business philosophy of "integrity, conscientiousness, efficiency, and innovation", and carries forward the enterprise spirit of "leading technology, excellence, customer first, and abiding by contracts". Today, with the rapid development of information technology, we are confident to seize opportunities, keep making progress, and continue to develop and innovate. Welcome new and old customers to consult!



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