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How to make the ballroom multifunctional? It is worth trying to use the hotel movable partition wall to divide this method!

Updated:2020-01-17 17:29:31

How to make the ballroom multifunctional? It is worth trying to use the hotel movable partition wall to divide this method! As a technology that can freely change the size of the space, the hotel's movable Partition wall can be used as a small banquet hall and multiple independent small boxes. Such a magical use effect is well worth your understanding!



Architecture is a poetic expression of technology. Architecture is material, and technology is a means of generating material existence. Technology is the basis for the realization of all material and spiritual components in architecture, and it is also one of the most fundamental driving forces for building development. As an engineering form, the large banquet hall itself is the existence of technology. The difference is that the traditional fixed large banquet hall is not applied to the technology of the hotel's movable partition wall, and the most versatile banquet halls will be used. Why is this so?


In fact, this is the hotel's movable partition wall that allows the space to change in size at any time. You know, letting a large-scale banquet hall use multiple functions means that it must not only accept large-scale banquets, but also small-scale banquets and box-type dinners can be easily held. This requires the banquet hall to have a multi-scale catering format The hotel movable partition wall is a rare weapon that gives the banquet hall space these forms. It can not only transform a large banquet hall into a small banquet hall, multiple independent small boxes for use, but also connect these small spaces as a whole when appropriate, turning it back into a large banquet hall again. In this way, the multifunctionality of the space has been fulfilled. The hotel's movable partition wall has contributed to meeting the diversified demands of the dining environment for diners. Back to the core of this article, how to make the ballroom multifunctional? In fact, use the hotel's movable partition wall to separate the space. If you also want to use this method to achieve diversification of the use of your hotel's large banquet hall, then please call us. The customized service hotline of EGOOD Hotel movable Partition Wall Company is 4000-999-113.



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