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What is ended the single use of the conference room? It is the movable partition wall of this meeting room!

Updated:2020-02-23 14:00:00

What is ended the single use of the conference room? It is the movable Partition wall of this meeting room! It gives space flexibility and can be used not only as a small conference room, but also as a large conference room when needed. Facing such a movable partition wall of a conference room with such a magical change effect, I think it is worth your in-depth understanding.



In the functional design of business hotel conference rooms, more attention should be paid to multifunctionality. It is one of the indispensable parts with a business theme, and flexible business meeting needs will be reflected in such a meeting room. Therefore, we need to strengthen this kind of multifunctionality in the process of constructing conference space. Modern business meetings are flexible and diverse, which also puts forward new requirements for the use of meeting rooms. In terms of functional facilities design, movable partition walls of meeting rooms should be used to improve the service standards of multifunctional meeting spaces at a high level. For example, Shandong Laiyang Jinshan International Hotel uses its movable partition wall to effectively separate the conference room in terms of space layout. This large meeting room can be very well compatible with meetings of different sizes, and it has a complete and changeable space layout design that cannot be ignored. When necessary, expand the conference room by moving the partition wall to separate the hall into multiple independent small sections to receive small-scale business negotiations. When there is a large-scale assembly, the operator will move the conference room to the partition wall. Fold them up and place them in a special dark room, which can be used as a large conference room. Such a change effect has an unimaginable space use efficiency, and multifunctionality can be fully displayed.


Back to the core of this article, what ended the single use of the conference room? The answer lies in the movable partition wall of this meeting room. It gives the space the capacity to host larger meetings at any time. If you also hope that your business hotel meeting space can also have this kind of capability, then please call us. The service hotline of Egood Meeting Room Movable Partition Wall is 4000-999-113.



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