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Egood 108 Panorama Single Glazed Glass Partition In Niutaim Internet Cafe

Updated:2020-03-19 18:00:00

Egood 108 Panorama Single Glazed Glass Partition In Niutaim Internet Cafe


Location: New Guinea


Niutaim Internet Cafe is a recently opened internet cafe with popular housing estate, Skyview Estate, located at 7 Mile along the ATS road in Port Moresby. It has so much more on offer than just internet usage services, and also offers a wide range of services and products and options for a wide variety of interested people.




The architect has adopted our company's 108 panorama single glazed partitions. This style is of one piece of 12mm tempered glass, which can also receive a good soundproof performance, convenient installation. In addition, Egood company provides customers with rich color choices for aluminum profile to meet clients` need. At present, the goods have arrived at the destination.

Let us look forward to the finished product together in the near future.







Following are details for the glass wall:


1) Total area :40 square meter

2) Height: 2900mm

3) Style: 108 panorama single glazed glass wall.




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