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Type 65 Varnish Writing Glass Partition In Niutaim Internet Cafe

Updated:2020-03-20 17:00:00

Type 65 Varnish Writing Glass Partition In Niutaim Internet Cafe


Location: New Guinea


Niutaim Internet Cafe is a recently opened internet cafe with popular housing estate, Skyview Estate, located at 7 Mile along the ATS road in Port Moresby.


Egood combine the special glass with the melamine board together to meet client needs, which can help customers better realize the color and the space organization. Due to the fragile nature of glass, we packed the glasses and the profile into two different wooden cases. After customer received the cargo, they assembled by themselves with the help of Egood engineer. At present, the goods have almost finished installation and our clients felt very satisfied with it. We are also very proud of that Egood's products can bring customers a satisfactory experience.








Following are details for the glass panel:


1) Dimension: 30000x2700

2) Finish: Melamine & Writing Glass




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