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Egood movable partition FAQ

Updated:2013-12-30 18:42:49

Egood movable partition FAQ

What Egood Partition use for?

know as movable partition,operable wal,folding wall,movable wall,and room dividers,they are the creative way to add flexibility and functionality to your space.extensively applied to starred hotels,meeting rooms,ballrooms,clubs,banquet hall,convention centers,multi-function halls,tranning rooms and other facilities.the panels move one a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guiders or rails.

Do your partition systmes come in standard sizes?

No,all of our commercial partition systems are made to measure depending on your exact requirements.

How long does it take to install a partition system?

The time depends very much on the nature of the system and your own timeframes which we try to meet wherever possible.we give you a detailed schedule on receipt of your order and keep you updated regularly on progress.

Can you give me an initial indication of the cost of a particular system?

Yes.we can take some initial information from you and provide you with an indicative quotation,we would however need more information and possibly a site visit and survey before confirming and exact price.

Do I need to hire and architect or building contractor?

NO,in Domestic market we provide a full servie covering ste survey,design,build and installation of your partition so you do not need to empoly anyadditional companies.for oversea market,usually we only offer the site supervision service.if you are already using anothe contractor for other work then we can work with them to ensure a smooth process and if required simply supply the products to you .

Do I need to supply you with technical information or drawings?

No.if there is a possibility we will make a site visit and complete a survey to obtain all of the information we need to design and install your partition.If you already have technical information or drawing then we can usethem to build and install the selected products.

Are your products guranteed?

Yes,all of our products carry a full 1 Year gurantee,coverig all parts and defects.We can also provide an extended warrantee if require and the products are expected to last a lifetime.


for further quesitons,please feel free to conact us : Egood@aliyun.com


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