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  • Australia
    ★Melborune Pavilion
    ★Sydney Little Hutong restaurant
    ★Tamworth Baptist Church New South Wales

    ★British Council Bangladesh

    ★Philipbank Phnom Penh

    La República Dominicana
    ★Click Soution

    ★Addis Ababa Harmony Hotel 
    ★Ayu International Hotel 
    ★Harmony Hotel

    ★Chinatown Contonese Cuisine Resturant

    ★The Youth Olympic Games Village

    ★Sunset Hotel 
    ★W/A Spectra Conference Room

    ★Bika Banquets 
    ★Biwalldi BB Mumbai 
    ★Honda Store 
    ★New Delhi DLF Mall
    ★Raddision Hotel Manipal 
    ★Xavier Bakery,Mapsua 
    ★Atithi Hotel Mumbai

    ★Police Academy Lecture Theatre

    ★Aristan Project Management Group

    ★The Headquater Inn
    ★Wangapala Hotel

    ★St.Rsgis Hotel 
    ★Langkawi Internation Convention Centre 
    ★Malaysia's Chinese School
    ★Prudential Financial, Inc Office 

    ★Election Commission Office   
    ★Electoral Education   
    ★Information Center Funded By UNDP Nepal
    ★Rajesh Hardwares,Kathmandu

    ★Courtville Investment Plc 
    ★Lagos International Centre
    ★Lagos State Nigeria 
    ★Ministry Of Waterfont Infrastructure Development

    ★Muscat Grand Millennium hotel (Shaza Hotel)

    ★David's Tea House,HCDC Project
    ★Davo Holy Cross College 
    ★HIVE Hotel,Near Cocoon Boutique Hotel 
    ★Hotel Leope Cebu 
    ★Lucky Rainbow Shark's Fin Seafood Restaurant 
    ★Manila Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant
    ★Manila Tao Yuan Restaurant  
    ★Philippine Gateway Hotel Surigao
    ★Ropali Plaza BIDG Pasig 
    ★UP Diliman Quezon

    ★Botosani Casa Lux Ballroom

    ★Hotel Domina 
    ★Siberia Pension Fund.Siberia IKEA Store

    Sri Lanka  
    ★Kotelawala Defence University (KDU)


    ★Shatic Hotel Sunset Hotel Limited

    ★San Golg Long Biem,Long bien golf course
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Egood movable partition products

Type 65 Movable Partition Type 65 Movable Partition
65mm thickness panel,Max height 4500mm.Top supported without floor track and guide. STC 32db-45db.clear anodized extruded aluminum frames and trac...

Type 80 Movable Partition Type 80 Movable Partition
80mm thickness panel ,Max height up to 5500mm.Top supported without floor track or guide.Sound insulation coefficien :STC 40db to 48db available in...

Type100 movable partition Type100 movable partition
100mm thickness panel,Max height up to 7500mm.Top supported without floor track or guide. Sound insulation coefficien:STC 43db to 53db.available in...

Ultrahigh movable partition Ultrahigh movable parti...
heavy duty track systems are used when the operable partition height or weights limite exceed that recommended for the normal aluminum system,Maxim...

Framed glass partition Framed glass partition
consists of glass surrounded with an aluminum frame that is normal 65mm or 85mm thick.Each panel has top and bottom sweep seals and a 22.5 clearanc...

Frameless glass partition Frameless glass partition
consisits of glass panels mechanically fastened to horizontal top and bottom rails.The panel movable on a ceiling track with no requirement of floo...


Company Profile

Foshan Egood Partition Products Co.,Ltd (named as Foshan Yigu hardware accessories factory) was established in 1998 ,in 2008 its movable partition division started production in large scale after years of research and development works;has owned several intellectual property rights in its field. the acoustic movable partitions has unlimited space division and acoustical flexibility. And have been extensively applied it starred hotels, meeting rooms ,banquet hall, convention centers, multi-function halls and other facilities. The modern production facility is 10,000 SQ meter in size.it is divided into 3 machine shops for operable partition,metal parts and accessories......


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