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Egood Partition|Large Scale Project Of Movable Partition:Hainan International Convention And Exhibition Center

Updated:2020-08-08 17:17:35

The construction of Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center is like "wings" for the development of Hainan Convention and exhibition industry. It has an exhibition center, a conference center, a five-star hotel, a seven-star hotel on the sea, as well as hotel style apartments, office and commercial facilities, economic headquarters, etc., and will retain the main scenic area of the original ocean world park.

On November 28, 2018, the second phase expansion project of Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center started. The total investment of the second phase project is 2.019 billion yuan, and the total construction area is about 198000 square meters. After completion, it will be connected with the first phase to form an organic whole, complement each other, and become a multi-functional complex exhibition complex.

Among them, the interior decoration of the North District of phase II adopts the movable partition​  decoration method, which can highlight the diversified project development concept of the exhibition center. The total area of the activity screen is 3288 square meters. The 100 type movable partition screen is selected, with the screen height of 14.38 meters, and the steel structure hanging rail is used, which is safe and stable.

As a well-known enterprise in partition industry, Guangdong Egood partition products Co., Ltd. has a lot of large-scale project experience at home and abroad, and its strength is no doubt. It is a further recognition for Yigu to undertake this single large-scale project. Egood partition also attaches great importance to the development of this project, no matter how to discuss the list, make the scheme, design, material selection or transportation and installation, Yigu has already done so The most rigorous attitude to implement. The trust of consumers is the greatest support for Egood. Egood partition will provide first-class products of first-class quality for the majority of users as always, and enhance the extraordinary new experience of space life.



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