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Congratulations on the completion of the installation of the Xi'an People's Building Phase II movable partition!

Updated:2020-07-09 15:47:54

Order number: EG2020010501

Completion date: July 8

Partition model: type 80, type 100

Panel material: 12mm flame retardant plywood

Square: 62 square + 183 square





On July 8, the second phase of the Xi'an People's Building in Shaanxi Province completed the installation and commissioning of the movable partition project.





EGOOD movable partition attaches importance to every customer and every project. The project needs to install 80 and 100 type door panels. EGOOD movable partition arranges a professional door installation team to go to the construction site. During the installation, the construction personnel not only install the components accurately, Ensure that the movable partitions are free from scratches and damage, and that each door panel is smooth and free of debris, each rail hanging wheel is installed in place, and each part is free of errors.




This project can be completed on schedule, without the efforts of the EGOOD movable partition installation team, and without the support and recognition of the customer. The customer is very satisfied with the installation effect, indicating that EGOOD movable partition is really a benchmark enterprise in the industry and will take us Introduce to more people in need, thank customers for their compliments, EGOOD movable partition will never forget their original intentions, forge ahead, and give back to our customers with better service and better quality products.



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