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Type100 movable partition

Updated:2011-02-28 03:50:02

? 100mm thickness panel ,Max height up to 7500mm.

? Top supported without floor track or guide.

? clear anodized extruded aluminum tracks and frames,customized powder coated color are available.

? Sound insulation coefficien :STC 43db to  53db, ASTM standard of acoustic tested in HongKong.

? available in wide range of finishes.

? Fast delivery and Rich experiences in oversea project installation guide & supervision.



Specification for Egood Type 100:


Egood Type 100movable wall partition is made of high quality anodized aluminum frame with environmentallycomposite materials.the panels move on a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guides or rails.,the panel has a standard thickness of 100mm and a width up to 1219mm.Maximum height can reach 7500mm tall.


The movable partitions consist of a series of concave/convex profile interlocking flat panels and the fast set retractable top and bottom seals ,its provide excellent acoustic insulation property of maximum STC-53 in laboratory setting.Its high performance per dollar value and the easiest in-field operation makes it very suitable for restaurant,schools,office,religion,hospitals,shopping arcades and many other indoor applications product.


There are wide of range face finishes are available :melamine faced MDF or Plywood,,fabric,carpet,fabric,artificial,leather,wood veneer,high pressure laminate,Formica ,acoustic panel,white boad ect.,panels may also be supplied unfinished for field decoration,Standard frame color is clear anodized aluminum,custom powder coating colors are available.


Egood works with Architects,designer,developers,contractores and owners in design product selection,decorative finishes,project management and after-sales warranty services as her one-stop solution business service.

Technical data of Type 100 movable partition :


Model Weight
Fire Rating(min) STC Performance Specification Carrier
Width(mm) Height(mm) Top Seal(mm)/ Pressure(kg) Bottom Seal(mm)/ Pressure(kg) LCP stretch (mm)
EG100-43 38 60 43db 100 680-1219 2000-7500 30/40 30/40 140

80# 100#

EG100-48 46 60 48db 100 680-1219 2000-7500 30/40 30/40 140
EG100-53 55 60 53db 100 680-1219 2000-7500 30/40 30/40 140


Track system& vertical section for type 100 partitions

 Steel structure upon the ceiling:



Stacking partition option: