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Frameless glass partition

Updated:2011-02-28 03:00:27

Egood frameless operable glass partition consisits of glass panels mechanically fastened to horizontal top and bottom rails(aluminm clamps).The glass has polished edges and no vertical trim-although vertical trim is an available option.Panels can be ordered as individuals panels.Individual(or Omni-directional)panels can be used in alternate locations or stacked in a remote location.Pivot opening door allow access between rooms.The standard horiontal rails are of clear anodized aluminum color but can be custom finished.


The panel movable on a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guides or rails,the floor bolt is used for any panel for stabiliy.


NOte:there will be a gap of 6-12mm between the glass panels when they arein place to prevent glass-to glass contact.The gap varies due to glass industry tolerances.



frameless glass partition vertical section drawing: