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How to choose the movable partitions type and style?

Updated:2015-08-17 03:27:58

How to choose the movable partition’s type and style?

In different environment and site, difference designed partition will show various of charm ,some appear

decorous and refined, others show generous and simple. That is the reason why movable partition were

more and more widely used in hotel ,conference room , exhibition centre , banquet hall and ballroom  etc.  



So how to choose partition’s type and design partition’s style is a very important issue.


Now we will take the Egood movable partition for example to give you some recommendation about how to

choose partition’s type and style. Typically,we have three types for choice:Type 65, Type 80,Type 100. Each

type including track system and partition model,you can make a choice according to your height,width,and

acoustic requirement. Type 65 standard thickness is 65mm and a width up to 1230mm,maximum  height

can reach 4500mm tall, STC 32 to 45 db. Type 80 standard  thickness is 80mmand a width up to 1230 mm

and maximum height can reach 5500mm ,STC 41 to 48 db. Type 100 standard thickness is 100 mm also

width up to 1230,but it can support 7500mm height,STC 43 TO 53db.



If your project over 7500mm height , don’t worry ,we have ultrahigh Aluminum track system and ultrahigh

steel track system can reach 17000mm height and weight up to 1300KG per panel. In our experience,

type 65 is the most popular used,type 100 were usually used in some strict require of soundproof or

exhibition and some luxury large hotel.

And the other important issue is finishing. As we can see, partition was mainly used to divided the room in

the past few years, but now we are more emphasis on the decorative effect, people also more and more

serious in finishing selection.We can provide different finishing, for example,melamine board ,HPL

laminate,vinyl ,veneer ,fabric ,artificial leather,white board and etc.,finishing also combine with color and

pattern. People Chose different styles of panels based on different decorative requirement and personal



In our experience, school, hospital ,or some small conference room usually prefer traditional black ,white ,

gray and other darkness color. And melamine board,white board or painting finishing were popular in these



On the other hand ,some luxury restaurant ,banquet hall usually chose fabric or leather finishing , in order to

improve celebrate atmosphere ,brightness color like red ,golden , green were more popular in this case.


In finishing pattern designing, millions of choices always confused people. if you really hard to make a

decision ,we think geometric, floral and pure color all are good choices , cause this kind of design never be



Anyway, difference original blueprint makes difference partition final effect. Of course, a perfect partition

absolutely inseparable with the excellent support of partition manufacturer. Only a excellent partition

manufacturer can meet strict aesthetics requirement , so it is necessary to establish business relationship

with partition company after full consideration.






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