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Do you know the features of the popular movable partition?

Updated:2019-09-18 15:02:36



Movable partition is suitable for hotels, guesthouses, multi-function halls, conference rooms, banquet halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, financial institutions, government offices, hospitals, factories and other occasions.


movable partition,sliding partition wall


Features of movable partition

1. Trackless suspension:

The floor has no track, just install the track on the ceiling.


2. Stability and security:

Firm and stable, not easy to swing.



3. Cut off the noise and protect the environment.

Cutting off noise works well, the maximum sound insulation coefficient can reach 55DB.


4. Heat insulation and energy saving:

Excellent heat insulation performance, according to different seat rate, the space is divided into small space, in order to reduce the power consumption of air conditioning.



5 .Efficient fire prevention:

Adopt efficient fireproof material, good fireproof performance.


6. Decorative beauty.

The surface decorates arbitrarily, achieve indoor and outdoor uniform decoration effect.


7. Flexible rearrangement:

Partition retractable freely, push-pull flexible, a person can complete the whole process of partition.



8. Convenient collection:

When we close the board, clapboard can be hidden in special storage cabinet, do not affect whole beautiful.


9. Widely used:

Wide application range, can be used in conference hall, exhibition hall, multi-function hall, banquet hall,office,hotel, restaurant, hospital and other places.







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