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About movable partition market trends

Updated:2019-07-22 08:00:44

What is the current market trend of movable partitions? Which types of hotels generally use mobile partitions most?


1. Eat as the main hotel

The main restaurant is mainly for the food, the hotel's recipes to attract everyone's attention, the guests are for the hotel's food and preferential prices. Such a hotel has a relatively large amount of boxes for the restaurant, and the large amount of the box proves that it requires a lot of operable partitions to make a private room. This type of hotel has high requirements for the design of movable partitions. The use of movable partition products can greatly reduce the spread of noise, effectively isolate the sound outside the box, and the communication between customers in the box is not affected by other sounds. Popular restaurants and restaurants are the main markets for movable partitions.

movable partition?hotel


2. Resort Hotel

Resorts are generally located in scenic spots, like this type of hotel near the beach, such as the famous island residence will attract tourists from all over the world to come and play. The resort is more manageable for a long time. The resort's entertainment is very complete, there is nothing to do in the resort, the general resort rarely uses movable partitions, but the resort's meeting rooms, individual club rooms or open-style restaurants will also use movable partitions.

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3. Long stay hotel

Long-stay hotels, although there are restaurants downstairs, and movable partitions are used in restaurant decoration, but the area used is not very large. The long-stay hotel is a hotel with a housing-based business. In addition to the activity partitions for dining restaurants, some hotel rooms and meeting rooms also use movable partition products. But at this stage, no matter what type of hotel, more and more hotels use movable partition products, and not only hotels, in conference centers, exhibitions and other places, mobile partitions and other courseware. Movable partitions are a very flexible product that can take away the benefits of decorating products, and more and more savvy hotel and business managers find.

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