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Custom office glass partitions are becoming more and more popular and gradually becoming the mainstream of fashion!

Updated:2020-02-25 17:00:00

Caring for life, loving life, and office life occupy most of our time, and our solid partition design is to make work life more valuable and happy, based on the philosophy of customizing office space as a starting point. Just like designing a garden landscape, it also requires imagination.



With the development of the industry, many furniture, design and building material manufacturers are now participating in the new round of office environment reform. Some manufacturers have proposed that the previous "partitioned office" will be transformed into a more flexible layout. And the new office structure affects not only work mood and employee loyalty index to the company, but also a new interpersonal trend. Each emerging office area will truly become a micro-society, evolving a new social relations of the future tense. As a Foshan partition manufacturer, Yigu partition can give you more concrete and intuitive guidance in the design of office partitions. The mainstream employee group is also a direction for future custom design of glass partitions. At present, many companies are co-working in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. In order for employees to feel a sense of belonging, the partition design needs to be customized.


For example, the project of Egood partition, the 80 and 90 groups like their own pattern, using hidden frame glass partition and frosted glass partition. In the 1970s, the double-glass louver partition was found to be very suitable. The office partitions used in this kind of office space tailored for various industries are also customized. Foshan Egood partition constantly designs and manufactures products that are suitable for various industry fields, and brings new changes and innovations in office lifestyle with its own strength. For each employee in the office, it is not only an office space that can meet the needs of the work structure, but also a stage of life to realize self-worth and seek happiness in life.



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