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Philippines Operable Wall Projects Loading Container

Updated:2015-06-12 18:42:13

This Philippines clients we also can call them our old customers. They had visited our factory in 2014,although they didn't need operable wall in that time,but they felt very satisfied with our products.After many times of correspondences,In Apri15th, 2015,it was 117th Canton fair 1st phase, they visited Guangzhou to attend Canton Fair.Our Egood sales representative had visited their hotel for the meeting , the communication and negotiation with the clients were fruitful and finally we established  the  business relationship.After another week's follow up the order details,Egood started the operable wall panels production.



phlippines operable walls,operable partition panels ,loading container

Today is the delivery  date,in early morning ,a 20 feet  container has already waiting in loading area.


The over rainfall recently makes the ground wet and still keep raining, we not load the the goods until it slows down a bits in order to prevent panels got wet through .Our operable Partition wall panels made of Aluminum frame ,fabric finishes,should avoid be exposed in moisture environment.


philippines operable wall,phillippines operable  partition , loading container

The staff are working diligently,carefully while loading and  stacking the panels


philippines operable wall,philippines operable partition wall loading

In order to avoid any sratched and damaged during the  transportation,all panels are packed into strengthen cardboards and all metal parts are packed into wooden box.




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