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Swiss international hotel banquet hall operable partition wall project

Updated:2015-11-09 02:22:08

Swiss International Hotels & Resorts began its history 30 years ago with a group of Swiss hoteliers offering truly authentic Swiss Hospitality. The Company, headquarters in Gland, Switzerland, follows the hospitality ideals in shaping what is now commonly referred as “Swiss Quality”:Swiss quality by World class team with Innovative solutions to achieve Sustainable developments and Superior return on investments(SWISS).

Swiss international hotel


Swiss International Hotels & Resorts entered into the China at late 2011 with our first five-star hotel opened in Xiamen in 2012. This is the second hotel opened in Nanchang in 2015.


banquet hall movable partition wall



large banquet hall movable partition wall


For the opening and decorative in China ,they chose Egood operable Partition wall used in their large banquet hall. The partition height is 7 meters.It is fabric wrapped MDF panel finishes with advanced lighting shows the luxurious atmosphere. 


Swiss international large banquet hall


The consistent Swiss quality stands through our 30 years of management and development, this point shares a similar view with Egood, both we are striving to enrich and redefine perfection.


Sldiing folding partition wall





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