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Report: India Acoustic Partition Wall Project Delivery

Updated:2017-03-05 01:22:27

Date: 2nd March 2017
People: Foshan EGOOD Partition Company Staff
Address: Nanhai District, Foshan, China
Project: India Delhi Acoustic Wall Project Delivery



Sun shining day, a big red truck was stacking in the factory, time to loading the partition panel. This Indian old client have been cooperated with us since 2014, according to our high quality product, and stable delivery time. We can support finished production within two weeks normally.



Our warehouse manager is packing the the special metals into customized plywood case to protect any damage during transportation.



Everything get ready to move, divided into a group of 4 person, teamwork to save more energy and safety.



Every Panel should follow the marks on the paper board package“this is side up→”to placed. Acoustic walls should be vertical placed to protect the surface and aluminum frame, otherwise the materials will be easy to get damage or bend.



Although goods are very heavy, they work carefully and smoothly, they are a team, cooperated stronger than any other individual.



Loading never stop, we still working, next part also waiting for loading.



At last, special customized plywood case need a forklift car to operate, then finish this loading work.



Conclusion: Everything goes well, successful loading mission completed.



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